XL and Telstra’s 20+ Year Partnership to Drive Service Body Evolution


XL and Telstra have worked closely together for more than two decades. Our job has always been to equip their field crews with the best possible duty-specific service vehicles. Over that time, we’ve continued to help develop and evolve their fleet on multiple fronts including improving ergonomics, functionality and productivity, and doing it all with the greatest possible consideration to overall cost.


Service fleet industry the ultimate beneficiary of our ongoing collaboration

In return, due to the sheer size of the Telstra fleet, we have benefited from a vast volume of invaluable feedback that informs our R&D and continually shapes our forward planning. Our service body products have led the market for 25 years now because of our attention to real world applications. By listening to our customers and what they want from their service bodies, we are able to address their needs and design smart solutions to fit.


XL/Monash University wind tunnel testing


With the help of the Engineering Department at Melbourne’s Monash University and Senior Engineers at Telstra Fleet, we were able to undertake rigorous wind tunnel testing to assess the aerodynamic performance of the Telstra CSV (Customer Service Vehicle). We were very impressed with the scientific approach the team took and felt very privileged to be a part of the study.

Their analysis provided some additional recommendations on how to improve the drag coefficient and we have duly taken them on board.


The latest and great outcomes of the XL/Telstra Evolution

We’re proud that XL can be recognised as the first service body provider to include reverse cameras as a readily available accessory. Today, we also include open door alarms, reverse park assist sensors and have some other tricks up our sleeves. What could be next, do you think? Lane departure warning systems; blind spot avoidance indicators? We’re sure nothing is out of reach!


Align with two prolific market leaders

As a conscientious business owner or Fleet Manager, you obviously want the tools that will get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively, with no compromise on safety or reliability. When you choose XL, you benefit not only from our hard work, history and R&D but also from knowing that we are trusted by one of Australia’s largest fleet customers to outfit their workforce with quality equipment.



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