When a ute isn’t enough and a truck is too much

We’ve been extolling the considerable virtues of the NLR ServicePack since it was first launched and we’ve been exceptionally pleased with the take-up. However, when unsolicited reviews produce glowing appraisals of our product and shout them from the rooftops, we’re understandably pretty ecstatic.

“Isuzu has trumped the ute market by offering a fully-bodied service pack fit out for the compact NLR light truck.” Delivery Magazine

Delivery Magazine honours SBA/Isuzu collaboration – TWICE!

Not only did the NLR ServicePack make the cover of the magazine but it won their Light Truck of the Year gong for 2016.

If ever there was a poster child for a tool of trade that goes the extra mile for users, it has to be SBA and Isuzu’s collaborative effort, the NLR ServicePack. The magazine’s Managing Editor and Publisher, Chris Mullett, test drove it and provided his own comments. You can watch the video here.

What particularly pleases us is that finally, tradesmen and organisations needing vehicles for their field crews are coming to understand the outstanding additional capabilities that are possible … and available, if they can see past the entrenched ute mindset.


Picking up when utes leave off

In conducting our own research, we’ve learned that utes have been falling out of favour with tradies because they simply don’t measure up in terms of towing and payload capacity, two high priority requisites for a work vehicle. And at around 60 grand for a ute with all the bells and whistles, yet with a proportionate reduction in the people-moving and load-carrying capacity, the numbers don’t add up. There’s absolutely no problem with purchasing a ute if comfort and style are more important. But if you need a hardworking, highly functional machine that offers the best features of a compact ute combined with the best features of a tough workhorse, then the NLR ServicePack is the obvious choice. View the range.

No compromise on towing capacity

As Delivery Magazine identified, utes are entering the market claiming to offer a maximum braked trailer towing limit of 3500kg. Unfortunately, when tradesfolk try to tow a fully loaded trailer behind a probably already overloaded ute, they soon find that the combined weight of vehicle and trailer are out of balance. It almost goes without saying that the enormous stress on the chassis plus the legal and safety ramifications are simply not worth the risk.

Check out the NLR ServicePack’s street cred

Another feature of the fully self-contained NLR ServicePack that is turning former ute loyalists on to our product is its superb ability to carry a 1500kg payload, on a car licence! But if that’s not enough to convince you that it’s got the compact cred of a ute, how about these:

You can still have your C-class drivers behind the wheel

You can still zip up and down city streets

You can park in most multi-level car parks

You can park in commercial exclusion zones found in most CBDs and residential areas

Short wheelbase dimensions permit comfortable parking in standard car size parking space

It has a tight turning circle

It seats three

Cab over configuration offers superior visibility

Car-like comfortable cab

State-of-the-art reverse camera, GPS and connectivity

Centrally lock cab and all cabinetry with one click

Plus, you can still tow up to 2500kg if you need to but our customers find there is more than enough space to carry tools, gear and equipment for a good day’s work, right on the back.

We could literally go on and on about the NLR ServicePack’s premium safety considerations, the all-round disc brakes, traction and stability control and impressive fuel economy, but simply pick up the phone and contact your local Isuzu dealer or call us on 1300 855 899 and we’ll answer all your questions.