Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you employ an experienced and reputable panel-beater to repair your vehicle or XL Service Body. We are more than happy to facilitate the supply of spare parts as long as they are a current model. Discontinued XL Service Body parts can easily be fabricated by a competent sheet metal business.

The XL Service Body has been designed with a low roll centre – the imaginary front to rear axis by which your vehicle rolls when cornering. For example: a racing car has a low roll centre – the track is wide and the vehicle height is low. This combination offers great road handling (and fuel economy) compared to a higher vehicle or a vehicle with its load mounted a long way above the ground. Imagine two identical vehicles, one loaded with 500kgs on top of the cab, and the other with the 500kgs mounted 95mm above the chassis rails. Which one corners more easily and safely? The one with the load closest to the ground will be safer to drive and provide better handling, especially during lane changing and cornering.

Yes, if you have both the capacity and resources to safely lift the XL Service Body and carefully lower it on the vehicle’s chassis. Please contact us for the fitting instructions.

XL Service Bodies are built at our Wacol manufacturing plant in Brisbane, Queensland, and we distributed across Australia and ship overseas. Given the tens of thousands of XL Service Bodies on the road, they are never too difficult to locate. Just contact XL and we will gladly point you in the right direction.

Although rare, if you find condensation inside your XL Service Body, remove the plastic plugs located in the corners of each cabinet to increase ventilation and improve drying time.

Yes, providing there have been no changes to the chassis. We have many customers that have swapped their bodies many times. However should the vehicle manufacturer change the chassis then the answer is no. The same applies to swapping an old body from one brand chassis to another vehicle make or body type.

Yes! Fuel prices are a major expense regardless of which vehicle you drive, however the XL Service Body fitted to a normal cab chassis can help you save fuel by presenting a minimal frontal area – imagine running down the road with a 2400 x 1200 piece of ply like a sail! It would be quite difficult especially if the ply doubled in size or you tried running faster. A large frontal area increases drag which severely affects fuel economy. Ladder racks and ladders can also affect the drag coefficient, so be aware of this especially when travelling large distances.

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