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  • The XL Z-Body is the largest service body in the XL fleet and features:
    • Three vertical storage compartments on each side of the body
    • One horizontal storage compartment on each side of the body
    • Side door access to each compartment
    • Slam-lock, single-keyed doors.

    The Z-Body doors also support central locking.The centre aisle between the two side modules provides a secure utility storage area with tie-down points along the inner side walls. Access to the aisle is via the rear of the body and features a tough swing-down workbench tailgate.

  • The Z-Body provides an abundant storage area for tools and consumables, and you can easily adjust the internal shelving to suit your needs.The unique feature of the Z-Body is the full-length storage compartment mounted above the vertical storage compartments on each side of the vehicle. It is an ideal storage solution for bulky components such as PVC pipe fittings, fluorescent tubes etc.
  • The top of the Z–Body aligns with the cabin roof of the vehicle and provides maximum storage while minimizing frontal drag helping to keep your fuel costs under control. When loaded correctly, the Z-Body still has a relatively low centre of gravity due to XL’s low chassis mounting points. The XL Z-Body is the ideal mobile workstation for carrying bulky items and tools.
  • Up to 14m of lineal storage capacity
  • Up to 14m of lineal storage capacity
  • Up to 10m of lineal storage capacity

Standard Features

  • Excellent over-the-shoulder and rear vision mirror visibility
  • Low overall height for underground parking and low vehicle roll
  • High quality stainless slam locks with single key convenience
  • Adjustable galvanised shelves and interior lighting
  • Full immersion corrosion protection with tough pearl white powder coat finish
  • Up to 14m lineal storage
  • The strongest, lightest system on the market
  • Optional central locking with unique key over-ride
  • Full weather-tight sealing

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