There’s nothing wrong about being proud!

JP ShelburnAfter so many changes in the last few years, from developing new technologies to bringing in new state of the art machinery, creating a new line of standardized Service Truck Bodies, we’ve been a bit reflective lately. We’re proud of what we build, but most importantly we’re proud of how we build it.

A lot of companies try to be innovative, they’ll bring in the latest technology and use it to replace the workforce and cut down on costs or worse yet- send the work overseas. We don’t think it needs to be that way.

We continue to buy the latest and greatest machines to improve our processes, but we’ve doubled down on our commitment to the greatest resource we have – our team. From upskilling our team to operate the new technology, to improving our production times through own in-house software solutions – we’re committed to supporting Australian jobs and keeping a 100% Australian made product.

That’s not just assembling parts from overseas here in Australia. When possible- we only use Australian steel and we build everything on-site in our state of the art Wacol factory to deliver something that we and our customers can be proud of.

So from this week onwards, we’re going to shine a light on what makes this business great and what makes us so proud – our dedicated team who day in and day out deliver on our promise of quality Service Bodies that are made in Australia and sold to the world.

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