Our First Newsletter

JP ShelburnG’day once again JP,

Hope you enjoyed our first newsletter which was read by customers and contacts from Kimberley to Kazakhstan (which is similar in size to Western Australia.) I’m not kidding… it went out to over two thousand people around the globe and had an amazing response!

I’ve lots more news to share, and feedback to provide as you can see below.

Show Us Your Body Competition!





Archerfield, QLD – After the flood!

Show Us Your Body Competition!

Sydney, NSW

“SHOW US YOUR BODY” Competition!

Thanks to all the owners and users who sent in their Service Body competition photos.

XL Beer / Soda FridgeSome brilliant shots of our XL bodies and those who use them at work in towns and cities as well as exotic locations everywhere!

Some of the more unusual ones are shown on the left.

The competition has been extended to 5pm 15th December with the more photos the better.

T-shirts will be posted out during the second week of December in time for Christmas.

The winner will get an XL Beer / Soda Fridge like the one above.

Email your photo to xlphoto@xl.com.au or post it to “XL Photo Competition”, 1219 Boundary Road Wacol QLD, 4076.

Entries close at 5pm on the 15th of December, 2011.

Mt Barrow, VIC

Show Us Your Body Competition!

Sydney, NSW


“Any colour you like as long as it’s White!” pretty much covers XL’s colour range. Over 90% of the canopies and service bodies we make are finished in powder coated white.

This might seem very old fashioned and even dogmatic, but there is a good reason for it………

Our long lasting scratch resistant powder coat provides the perfect background for projecting the businesses’ corporate image using sign writing and vinyl film images. The clear flat sides of our XL Service Bodies and the huge display areas on XL Canopies could be used to show off an organisation’s logo and any other images associated with their business, current advertising campaigns and great exposure while driving around and being viewed by thousands of people and potential customers every day.


This is roughly equivalent to the big billboards you see along busy roads. They cost around $2,000 to $20,000 per month!

So if you are not making use of the advertising opportunity that your XL Body provides your business, then you should think about it. Big businesses like Telstra, Caterpillar and Sandvik, make sure all their service vehicles project their advertising and marketing images. Why not advertise?


XL Bodies can be supplied complete including signage and the fitting of vinyl images ready to go to work straight from the factory.

All part of the XL service for our customers.

We do produce service bodies and canopies in other colours occasionally and I see some other service bodies looking impressive in aluminum – but none of them work as well for a corporate image as good old WHITE!


For full information, free brochure and prices please call us on 1800 677 601 or email us by clicking here.


XL has now completed the development of the all new Canopy and Service Bodies designed to fit the new Five Star ANCAPS Ford Ranger. We are also preparing new Bodies for the Dual Cab Ford Ranger and we expect to have the Dual Cab Service Bodies and Canopies ready for production in late January.

Ford Supercab

If this is what you are looking for please contact us now so that your completed Ford Ranger or Dual Cab can be first on our production line.

XL @ Wamex
Our stand at the WAMEX Expo was a success and allowed us to show off our mine compliant service body range with optional ROPS.

Thank you for visiting us if you did and if you didn’t but would like more information please call me and or one of our team members.

Thanks for reading this email and for your interest and or support of XL Service Bodies as a customer. We are very proud of the products that we make here in Australia and look forward to hearing from you.

I am always keen to hear feedback and suggestions from customers and prospective customers, so please feel free to ask for me personally.



JP Shelburn

Sales Director