New XL Super Load Master 300 coming soon!


That’s right my good friends… 300KG Rated Roof Racks! We’ve engineered, designed and tested our newest version of insanity!

Now if you check your calendar it should say April 1st! Yes it’s time for a little April fool’s levity. Sorry If I had you going but really… what on earth would we be thinking if we endorsed such lunacy? Roof loads are serious business and just because you have a “Rated” amount to carry doesn’t mean you should. Do you think Ford’s 5 Star rated Ranger is designed to carry 300KG above the roof of the cab? I guarantee you not! I’m not bagging the feats of other body builders out there… I’m questioning their motives and ethics. Load restraint and lower center of gravity are at the core of every design we undertake. We have your safety and the safety of the public at the forefront of our designs… period. We have various ladder rack configurations that suit a variety of applications. My favourite and most suitable for a Dual Cab Ute is the XL Load Master. No it’s not rated for 300kg but will do a superb job carrying 100kg no sweat! The great thing about this solution is that the cantilevered design allows secure loading to the area above the cab without having additional roof rails attached to the cab.

Loadmaster on Ford Ranger