Merry Christmas

JP ShelburnG’day once again JP,

Christmas is nearly here and 2011 is about to turn into 2012!

Looking back it certainly has been an eventful 12 months! Starting with floods and cyclones here in SE Queensland and incorporating tragic events like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the earthquake in NZ.

XL and the team have been fortunate not to have been much affected by these events and look back on 2011 as a year of progress and development.  We launched our Canopy model in July and this has been snapped up by our big fleet customers, now forming a major part of our production. We believe it sets the standard for technician’s service vehicles and when fitted with all the accessories is impossible to beat.

I might be a little biased, but if you saw the manufacturing process we put our bodies through you would understand why they last so long. The video on our website  shows how we go about making the best Service Bodies in Australia.

Please read on … we have announced the winners of our “Show us your Body” competition and the overall winner has a great story to tell. T-Shirts are already on the way to everyone who sent a photo.

We also have some body changes to announce for 2012 and the return of the “V” body styling.

Wishing you, your families and your friends a most enjoyable Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year, from all of the team at XL. We will be closing between Thursday 22nd December and 9th January 2012.

“SHOW US YOUR BODY” Competition!


XL Beer / Soda FridgeThanks to all the owners and users who sent in their Service Body competition photos. T-Shirts have been posted and with luck you should have them in time for Christmas.

The winner of the XL Beer / Soda fridge Terry Cleland, an electrical contractor from Gippsland, Victoria has such an extraordinary story of his TWO MILLION kilometer XL Service Body that we had to share it with you.


When the return on business vehicle investment is measured in cost per kilometer, what price do you put on something that has covered more than two million kilometers without fault?

For Victorian electrical contractor Terry Cleland, the first XL Service Body he bought in 1996 was his best investment ever……

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On the left you can see pictures of Terry’s original XL Service Body in its new role as well as Terry and his current fleet of vehicles all fitted with XL Service Bodies.


The runner up who will also be receiving our XL Beer / Soda Fridge was Mr. Martin Wagner the Managing Director of the Wagner group who sent a great photo of his service vehicles lined up on Sydney Harbour with the Sydney cityscape behind. Very appropriate as Wagner Group provide a wide range of plumbing, roofing, pumps and support services for over 150 office towers and industrial parks in the area.

Martin has 16 service vehicles for his team that are fitted with XL Service Bodies and he has been a customer for many years.

Many thanks to all who sent photos and congratulation to Terry Cleland and Martin Wagner who will be enjoying some cold drinks from their XL Fridges over Christmas.


Can’t decide between an XL Canopy and an XL Service Body?

Then the XL “V” type Service Body could be exactly what you are looking for.

What the XL customer wants, the XL customer gets!

We had just about consigned our “V” Service Bodies to history, thinking of them as a part of our canopy development process, but our customers have been demanding it back. So we have re-jigged our production line and refined our old “V” model’s fittings and hardware and will be in production in early 2012.

XL customers are always right and frankly the “V” model has its’ place in our line up with practical storage and taller cabinets plus the centre cabinet is accessed from barn styled doors, ideal for mechanics toolboxes or storage of larger items.

Have a look for yourself and if the “V” body works for you please give us a call and we’ll give you all the details you need.

V Body

For full information please call us on 1800 677 601 or email us by clicking here.

Thanks for reading this email and for your interest and or support of XL Service Bodies. Please take care to be safe and responsible over the holiday period. Our best wishes go out to you and your families.

Best Wishes,


JP Shelburn

Sales Director