March Newsletter

JP ShelburnG’day once again,

I’ve just returned from my very first NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis where Managing Director Nick Korganow and I were able to take a look at some of the new and exciting developments in the US work truck industry.

It was 23 years ago when Nick attended his first Work Truck Show and the ideas he brought back then, led to the development of the service body concept in Australia and have been responsible for XL’s leadership of this market segment.

XL continue to invest time, money and thousands of miles in air travel to research what is new and emerging in our industry. It works and perhaps explains why we successfully export our service bodies and canopies all over the world.

This show is the largest of its kind and I took heaps of good photos…A few sample ones shown below… even got a few action shots of Nick on the job!

The Work Truck Show

The overall impression was that despite the size of the show and the US market,  XL are still up there with the best, but we did see some innovative new products that will be perfect for our customers. Naturally we will make better versions!

I’ll have taken some short videos of the show and some of the huge American Trucks!  I’ll be sending them out for you to look at in the next couple of weeks.

The XL Team is now heading for the CQ Expo in Rockhampton on this week and then we are off to Perth for the Mining Australia Expo from 28th to 30th March.

A busy month!!!


XL Service Bodies set to add THE ALL NEW V-BODY to the XL Service Body Line Up.

The engineering team at XL Service Bodies has just finished the last details of the new V-Body which not only include configuration changes, but include an all new pinch weld door design to give the door the best performance ever. It also includes changes to the way all service bodies will do the internal shelves. We’ve come up with a new design that will increase the load capacity from 25KG to 50KG! ?????? This will definitely make many of our friends in the mining sector excited. Have a look at my new video to tell you more: Click here to watch the video


ROPS: BMA confirms they are reviewing the ROPS requirements for light commercial vehicles.

Late last year I met with a senior engineer from the BMA to discuss the future of ROPS and the direction it was going in.

I called for this meeting for a couple of reasons. The first reason was because XL was considering future investments in tooling, machines and software technology. We had already heard rumours that changes to the ROPS regulations were imminent and we felt it best we try to demystify the ROPS story all together. Since we’ve started fabricating our own Roll Over Protection Systems we’ve been perplexed as to how some of the ROPS systems out there comply with the Guidelines stipulated by the BMA.

We take ROPS very seriously at XL Service Bodies and engage LC Engineering as our certifying consultant who issues the engineering approval number. LC engineering work closely with the BMA so we know we got it right. Unfortunately not everybody works to the same standards and that’s the other reason why we felt we should discuss the ROPS issue the BMA. According to my contact at the BMA, BHP Billiton will sign off on the new FRC (Fatal Risk Controls) that may or may not alter the ways ROPS systems are used in accordance with the BMA Guidelines.

Until then I’ll keep my ear out for any changes and keep you all up to date. For now XL will continue to manufacture and sell the best ROPS equipped Service Bodies on the market today.

In the Next Newsletter:

Thank you for your interest in XL and your support of our products for the last 20 plus years.

Please contact me or any member of our XL Team if we can be of any assistance.

We hope to meet up with you at the Expos in Rockhampton or Perth.



JP Shelburn

Sales Director