We’re heading to PNG

It’s Richard and Craig’s turn to go overseas this time where they’ll be representing XL and Service Bodies Australia at the PNG Industrial & Mining Resources Exhibition. Click here to download the invitation.  

The future of Service Bodies & Fleet Management

Want to know what’s coming ahead in 2016 and beyond? The folks over at Field Service Business recently asked JP to gaze into his crystal ball and predict how fleet management and the field service industry will change in the…

Domo Arigato!

Since joining XL five years ago I’ve learned so much about our business, our customers and what it takes to manufacture efficiently in Australia yet there is still so much to learn. An area that always intimidates the hell out…

There’s nothing wrong about being proud!

After so many changes in the last few years, from developing new technologies to bringing in new state of the art machinery, creating a new line of standardized Service Truck Bodies, we’ve been a bit reflective lately. We’re proud of…

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