Our almost 20 year history of growth and innovation has been recognised by some of Australia’s largest companies. Our in-depth understanding of state and federal legal constraints and requirements (ADR, ANCAP, load-covering, axle-loading, etc.), and our closeness to the man using the truck, gives us unequalled insight into compliance, risk-reduction and productivity. This makes XL the best value, lowest risk supplier for all fleet operators.

Our Fleet Capability

Beyond technical performance, fleet purchasers have additional demands including OH&S, ROI, resale value, service requirements and part standardisation, legislative compliance, etc. Our high-tech, vertically integrated factory allows us to produce one or one hundred of the same body quickly and accurately. Spare parts are readily available ensuring minimum downtime.

Our Fleet Clients

Very large companies, government and semi-government businesses are not allowed to endorse products. So we cannot list them by name, but our fleet clients include Australia’s largest and best known telecommunications, power and mining companies. We have earned our “fleet sales” stripes!

For more information contact:

Richard Millington

General Manager (XL Service Bodies)

+61 7 3271 9910