Power System

Power, sorted.

The most advanced compact inverter battery management system to hit the market, the NEXUS gives you bucketloads of power. It’s a simple but innovative, compact system that removes the risk of custom solutions. 

With a smart lithium backbone to carry a 220 amp load, you’ll have more than enough power to get through several days of heavy duty work and fun. Featuring a Simarine powered interface, this is the ONE box that fits it all.

With one connection, away you go. Off grid. Anywhere.

The NEXUS architecture was designed by the same engineers who work on emergency service vehicles… so it’s reliable, high quality and built to last.

Intelligence. Innovation. Power, sorted.

Designed & Manufactured in Australia!



Power at work all week...
and at play on the weekend.

Support & Warranty

5 Year warranty on ViQ Lithium and Victron equipment

Remote access to operating system

Extensive Australia wide support network

Get your power needs sorted
with the Nexus Power System