Take advantage of our integrated service offering: tell us what the service vehicle must do, and we’ll do the rest. More than 20 years of experience translates into a smooth, quick and cost effective experience. Us doing our job, frees you up to do yours.

End To End Solution

The XL Solution

Our designs enhance your service teams appearance, while genuinely boosting your operating efficiency. XL’s production line manufacturing results in high quality, high strength, lightweight service bodies at affordable prices.All XL Service Bodies and Canopies are designed and manufactured in Australia and we locally source all materials, fixings and components where possible. XL Service Bodies proudly support Australian manufacturing. Each Service Body and Canopy is made in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


We have fitted service bodies to vehicles for more than 20 years… we know almost as much about these vehicles as the manufacturers.

Risk Reduction

If you tell us the work requirements, we can specify the most appropriate vehicle, body and accessories.


You can get on with your job, while we worry about all the issues that go into designing, specifying, manufacturing, fitting and testing.