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XL Newsletter – June 2014


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XL Service Bodies

JP ShelburnG’day ,

Is OVERLOADING an issue in your fleet?

Without a doubt the number one topic on every fleet manager’s mind in today’s environment comes down to just three letters: GVM!


The vehicle, plus service body, plus heaps of heavy tools and inventory equals a utility which can weigh more than it’s designed or worse yet, legally allowed to carry. From a fleet manager’s perspective that means he or she can be in deep trouble if that overloaded vehicle is involved in an accident or is stopped at a weigh bridge. If you think choosing an all-aluminium Service Body or Canopy is a solution I got news for you… It’s not. Keep reading:

The GVM conundrum gets compounded when operators and fleet personnel make assumptions on how load distribution should be managed. Many think putting load on the rear axle is a major reason today’s one tonners are getting overloaded however this isn’t the case at all. The answer of course is to distribute the load as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Getting the drivers to do it in practice every time is the difficult task fleet managers face on a daily basis.

The team at XL have always been aware and sensitive to GVM and axle loading. We started building service bodies 24years ago and have worked to solve the problem at the design stage by creating purpose and vehicle specific bodies and canopies. By understanding in advance what needs to be carried in the vehicles XL engineers design their service bodies and canopies so that each item carried has its place and the overall result is a balanced load. A secondary advantage of this pre-planning is that each item can be restrained and placed in appropriate spots to maximise operational efficiency and legal liability.

It’s not only strategic load distribution that can effect the vehicle’s GVM. The other ginormous elephant in the room is of course INVENTORY! Carrying excess inventory is a GVM killer and has serious knock on effects such as poor fuel economy, unnecessary wear on tires and brakes and overall-poor vehicle handling. I challenge Fleet managers and single operators alike to take a close look at their inventories and have a close look at what’s being toted around as senseless waste.

WWW.XL.COM.AU gets an overhaul!

Click here to see the new XL Website and Build Your Own service body in action

Weigh bridgeOh yeah…it’s on! I’m hoping it’s not just me that thinks it’s a mega step forward. It’s just not the look that’s changed.

Weigh bridgeWe’ve added in live pricing, updated our accessories range (still updating!), and allow you to Build Your Own Bodies or better known as BYO.

We’ve also added a spare parts portal where customers from around the world can request a spare parts quote.

The customer can upload photos and enter their information to help expedite the process of getting back on the road! I am pretty happy with the results (even though it took six months longer than expected!) and urge you to have a look for yourself.

Try out the new BYO quote page and you will automatically be entered into our end of the year draw for a Hema7 Navigator. To make things even more interesting we’ll include a set of Black Duck Seat Covers to all BYO orders placed before the end of year… how about them apples?

Hema7 Navigator

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Amada LaserLocation based newsletter  from Hanover Germany where I’ll be attending the IAA which is the biggest and best commercial vehicle show on the planet! Just so happens up the road in Munich there’s this festival called Oktoberfest just starting to kick off… I better have a Captain Cook hey? … Oh Waitress!

Auf Wiederehen (goodbye in German)


JP Shelburn

General Manager